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What is Little Majlis?

Little Majlis is a online creative community and specialist marketplace for boutique, handmade and artisan products, marketed by Gulf-based small brands and independent designer-makers. 

Little Majlis encourages shopping local and in doing so, supporting local talent and the region’s growing arts scene, as well as promoting small business.

Our boutique shops are independent and individually run. The products on sale at Little Majlis are generally not commercially produced and many are handmade right here in the GCC.

In a market overflowing with mass produced imports, Little Majlis is designed to enable the local creative community to find a niche, start and grow their small business, promote their work and connect with buyers.

Little Majlis offers something unique to consumers in that we’re giving them the opportunity to find that special thing that is not available in the shopping malls. Although we accept artisan goods from all regions, we’re particularly focused on promoting locally designed and made goods, which are produced in small quantities and many by hand.

Whether you’re a consumer from the UAE or somewhere else in the world, you’ll be able to shop at Little Majlis knowing that your purchase has been either created or promoted here by our own homegrown talent.

Who are we?

Dubai residents, Anna Bolton-Riley and Annabelle Fitzsimmons are the brains (and the beauty!) behind Little Majlis.

Once upon a time we had quite serious and demanding jobs in Dubai’s design industry, with a few giggles...

now we have a very serious and demanding business with a lot of laughs!

From the top right down to the bottom, inspiration is everywhere in Dubai. We had our ideas for Little Majlis and Dubai creates the atmosphere and conditions to act on them. The United Arab Emirates has been built by people following their dreams and we thought it was our turn to jump on the bandwagon and join in!

Little Majlis is UAE registered company and was established in 2012.

For more information about us, our shop keepers or anything Little Majlis related at all, please contact us.