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Why shop with us?

You know when you’re traveling and by chance, you come across one of those little gems of a shop, jammed to the rafters with gorgeous things that you just need to own? 

Well, the Little Majlis market is a bit like that, except that it's made up of a collection of these delicious boutiques. Best of all, you don't need to travel anywhere, or worry about blowing out your luggage allowance for that matter!

The Little Majlis market is open all day every day, giving you quick and convenient access to a wonderful range of unique, original and sometimes quirky (but always in a good way) products.

Our focus is on showcasing boutique, handmade and artisan items, many of which are made right here in the GCC.

By choosing to buy the products for sale on Little Majlis, you’re having a direct and immediate impact on local small businesses and independent designer-makers.

The boutique finds on the Little Majlis market are the sort of things that the big international brands can’t even attempt to offer. We’re sure we don’t need to convince you, but handmade and artisan items are just better. They’re made with love and care, using small scale production and artisan techniques, keeping traditional skills and handicrafts alive. They use quality materials with fabulous design and a real attention to detail, complete with the opportunity to customize and personalize item if you so desire.

Shop from any of the boutiques on the little Majlis market and make one secure online payment using Paypal or your credit, debit or ATM card and get your purchases delivered to your PO Box or direct to your door by courier.

Shop the marketplace here.

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