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Why should I give feedback on a transaction?

When you buy something on Little Majlis, we ask that you please leave some feedback on your experience and your purchase.

Giving feedback on a transaction will help assess how reliable another member is. Once you have completed a transaction, please place feedback that reflects your experience dealing with the other person as well as what you thought about the product. Was shipping speedy? How gorgeous was the gift wrapping? What the item as you'd expected? We want to know!

To place feedback, click the ‘Feedback’ link located in the left sidebar of shop and item pages and add a comment. You can also read comments left by other members using the same link. 

The five little stars shown under each shop name indicate how other members have rated the shop and the items it markets based on the feedback they have given. 5 stars reflects positive feedback, so you can expect a great product and super service.

If you are concerned about the content of a listing or the inappropriate of behavior of another member, please contact us.

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