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What is a shop front?

Shop fronts are set up by our sellers in order to list all their items in one place. Each shop front in independently managed and will dispatch orders directly to you.

Sellers personalize their shop front with their logo and a profile about their business so you can find out more about each one. 

Browse by shop front by clicking the green button located in the left sidebar of the browings pages or here. You can add your favorite shop fronts to your My Favourites list for easy access in the future.

If you are a Little Majlis shop keeper, your shop front gives you the opportunity to better promote your brand, provide more information about yourself and your products. If a shopper likes one of your items, chances are they will like others too. A shop front is great for marketing your goods as well as making shopping easier for buyers.

Find out more about opening your own shop front at here.

Visit Little Majlis' own shop front and browse of in-house product range of Made in UAE gifts and souvenirs here.

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