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I haven't received an item that I purchased. What should I do?

Little Majlis provides a market venue for many individual and independently managed boutiques. Each boutique will ship the items that you have purchased in their boutique to you.

If you've chosen items from a few different boutiques, expect to receive your purchases in separate parcels, even if they were bought together in one transaction.

In the very unlikely event that you have made a purchase on Little Majlis but not received it, you should first contact the shop keeper of the boutique in question directly using the Little Majlis message service. The shop keeper will have a tracking number for the delivery and should be able to track the missing item down in a jiffy!

To send a message, click ‘Contact’ on the either the seller’s item or shop page. You can also email to get in touch with us here at Little Majlis HQ anytime and for any reason at all.

Remember, all Little Majlis shop keepers are vetted and so we can vouch for their reliability and honesty...that missing package will be found!  

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