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How do I deal with a dispute with a buyer?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, please make sure you are familiar with Terms of Use of Little Majlis. 

We encourage all of our shop keepers to provide good customer service, by having photos that clearly show your items, listing items accurately, using appropriate packaging and shipping in a timely manner, to help prevent any disputes with a buyer. In the event of a dispute, we recommend the seller first try to resolve the problem directly with the buyer, using the Little Majlis message service, perhaps by agreeing to send a replacement or exchange an item.

It's important to keep all correspondence on the message service so that Little Majlis has a record.

If the dispute can not be resolved between the seller and buyer then please contact us. Little Majlis will review the details of the case and possibly ask each party for further information to help resolve the dispute, such as delivery receipts from the seller. If necessary to resolve a case, Little Majlis reserves the right to debit the sellers account and provide a refund to the buyer.

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