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What shipping options should I give the buyer?

You can specify your shipping options based on post or courier service. We strongly recommend that you include the cost of postage in the price of your item for shipping within the same country as an incentive to shoppers.

If you are a UAE-based seller, we recommend that you use the EMS (Mumtaz Post) service offered by Emirates Post, as insurance and parcel tracking is included in the price. If you are from one of the other GCC countries, check with your local post office for a similar service. 

Think about the practicalities of delivery. For example, perishable items like baked goods require same day delivery, so don’t provide delivery options to international destinations on your listing.

No matter what shipping options you decide to give the buyer, carefully consider how you will wrap or pack the item to ensure that it arrives in good order. It is your responsibility to ensure that all items you have sold are appropriately packed to avoid damage in transit and any potential disputes with the buyer. The shipping cost must cover all wrapping and packaging to ensure the item is delivered safely to the buyer.

All orders MUST be shipped by a registered postal or courier service to enable parcel tracking.

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