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Why do I need to be approved to sell on Little Majlis?

To create a successful market place full of a varied range of fabulous items which are of an equally high standard, all potential sellers will first be vetted by Little Majlis. 

Not only does this approval process ensure that the browsing and buying process is more pleasurable for shoppers, it also means that your items are on sale next to products that are on par with your own, in terms of quality, workmanship and creativity, like they would be in a physical shop.

This process helps us to control the number of sellers marketing under a particular category or similar types of products, to ensure that there is healthy competition but not repetition of very alike items. We consider this process vital for the success and integrity of the Little Majlis shopping experience.

Our sellers application process also reviews your communication skills and the standard of your product photographs.

Having great photos of your products is absolutely essential to operating a shop front at, attracting traffic to your shop, making sales and growing your business online. Refer to the Little Majlis Product Photography Guide for more information.

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