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How do I pay for an item I'd like to purchase?

Although there are many individual boutiques on Little Majlis, we offer shoppers the convenience and safety of one secure checkout. 

Once you have entered and confirmed the shipping details for the items you have in your shopping basket, click the click the green ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button to be directed to our payment page where you simply follow the prompts to process the transaction. 

The Little Majlis checkout is 3D Secure (that means safe!). We currently accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and debit card / ATM card. 

Once complete, you'll be emailed a transaction confirmation receipt from our payment partner, Innovate Payments as well as an order confirmation from Little Majlis.

For your own security never provide the shop keeper (or anyone else, for that matter) with your debit or credit card details. Little Majlis can not take responsibility for transactions made outside the Little Majlis checkout, so keep it online people. 

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