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House Rules

The Little Majlis forum is a place for the creative community to help and support one another. Along with Little Majlis’ Terms of Use, these guidelines govern the use of this forum.

The forum house rules are as follows:
  • All posts are public.
  • All posts must be in English.
  • Discussions must be posted in the correct category. This is the best way to make sure your post is seen and responded to.
  • Discussion topics must be relevant given that Little Majlis is a platform for creativity.
  • Don’t discuss private matters such as the details of a transaction or feedback. Private matters should be discussed on the Little Majlis message service.
  • The Little Majlis forum is not the place for promoting commercial supplies or second hand goods that are not aligned with the core values and activities of Little Majlis. Unsolicited advertisements, promotions or spam will not be tolerated. Basically, if you want to sell your fridge (even if it has a great carrot cake you made this morning in it) or your car (even if you have reupholstered your front seats in the latest Spring colours) this is not the platform for doing so!
  •  Do not post personal contact details or banking information on the forum.
  •  Keep it clean. Do not post images or use language that is abusive, defamatory or inappropriate in any way.
  •  And finally, play nice. The forum is a resource for you and other members of the Little Majlis community. Don’t post negative comments about a specific shop, listing or member.
If you are concerned about the content of any post, please report it by clicking the link or sending an email to

Any posts deemed inappropriate will be removed by Little Majlis.