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Shop Policies

Please note we don't do perfect circle, heart shaping or any other specific shaping for the calligraphy work, examples and styles are provided in the images of each listing.

All items on the shop are digital so no physical shipping charges are applied.

For all digital calligraphy work, no refunds will be accepted once the work is created.

All calligraphy orders entitle you with one proof revision, by applying changes on existing design and not a new one. Extra revisions beyond that will be charged for a regular fee of added (AED 20) per revision request (depending on the complexity of the requested amendments, the client will be notified before proceeding).

UAE's business days are from Sunday-Thursday (Friday & Saturday off).

UAE's official holidays for 2015:
• May 16, Israa and Miraj Night
• June 18, Ramadan expected to begin
• July 17, Eid Al Fitr
• September 14, Haj season
• September 22, Arafat Day
• September 23, Eid Al Adha
• October 15, Hijri New Year
• December 2 and 3, UAE National Day

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